Compact Disks for sale

These CDs are from my personal collection. I no longer listen to them and I wish to clear them out of my house. I am not in the business of selling import Compact Disks or bootlegs. What you see is all that I have! If you email me looking for other CDs, you will be ignored!

These CDs are for sale and are listed in US Dollars (and do not include shipping unless you spend more than $15. I can and will ship these to any where as long as I get the funds in advance (PayPal, etc.)and the check has cleared the bank (10 business days; US Post Office Money order, no wait). If you send a US funds money order I will ship the CDs out the next day day after I receive the money order.

4 Non Blondes, Aerosmith, Candelbox, Crash Test Dummies, Sheryl Crow, Lucas, Metallica, Pearl Jam, Pushstars, Sponge, Stone Temple Pilots, Tears For Fears, Pete Townshend


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