Sorry we have to make you do this, but the SPAM on the internet is out of control, so we had to devise a measure to cut it down

You are welcome to keep it short, and I will gladly respond to you with an email address that you can reply directly back to.... and then have a longer discussion.

Since you are on the taping contact form, please include a link to your list which will include source information.  I am at the point now where I already have more music then I can listen to in a life time, so I only trade for high quality recordings taped with DAT and high end mics.
If this info is not on you web site and/or list, then please save us both the time and don't fill this out, as I am really too busy to email you 100+ times asking for source info.

As of Jan 2005, my son entered this world we call life.  My trading is now limited to shows that are already on my FTP server (sorry there is no current list to check, as it is changing daily).  You can usually assume that the current shows are there, and anything older than a 6 months is probably not.  If you don't know about FTPing and SHN/FLAC downloading, check before contacting me.

In many ways, I should just take down my show lists as trading is the last thing on my mind at the moment, and you can probably assume I will not reply in a timely manner, if at all.... and I know this is just plain wrong, but it is reality.

Thank you for understanding.

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